Slime – ISEKAI Memories Codes (New)


The most warmly welcomed new mobile game recently is definitely Slime – ISEKAI Memories – a chibi game based on the famous anime/manga That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Developed by Nutaku studio – the creators behind successful mobile games such as Sdorica, Phantom Chaser, and Toranne One Piece, Slime ISEKAI promises to bring an extremely attractive and anime-like gaming experience.


Slime – ISEKAI Memories Codes


Right from the character design stage, Slime ISEKAI has made a strong impression on players with its lovely chibi style, bright colors while still maintaining loyalty to the original. Familiar characters in the isekai world such as Rimuru, Milim, Shuna, Shion… are all vividly recreated with characteristic lines and a plump, kawaii chibi shape. Not only the main character but also the female supporting characters are drawn meticulously and attractively, making the game extremely eye-catching and attractive.

The gameplay of Slime ISEKAI is quite simple and easy to get used to, suitable for the majority of players, including those new to mobile gaming. This is a turn-based role-playing game with epic battles taking place on diverse levels. Players will have to arrange their squad with the strongest characters to enter the battle against the enemy. The fighting mechanism takes place automatically, players only need to observe and use appropriate skills to defeat the enemy. Besides, there is also a system to increase strength and upgrade characters as well as countless other interesting activities waiting for you.

In terms of content, Slime ISEKAI follows the plot of the original quite closely, from Rimuru’s birth as a slime to his great adventure in the new world. The plot is presented vividly with conversations between characters in both dialogue and subtitles in comic form, combined with climactic battle scenes. Music and effects also play an important role, helping to realistically recreate the atmosphere in the original work and the cool but equally dramatic breezes in the isekai world.

Although it is a mobile game, Slime ISEKAI possesses high quality 3D graphics, meticulously polished to every detail. From each beautiful scene to the elaborately choreographed battle scenes, it impresses with its sharpness and realistic images. It can be said that the game has satisfied the needs of series fans because of its authenticity and loyalty to the original. Many players even feel like they are watching the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime again with special highlights from the game itself.

Not only players, critics also did not hesitate to praise this game, saying that Slime ISEKAI is a proof that mobile games can balance beauty, play well with attractive content. “A good sign for the Vietnamese game industry in exploiting good stories from anime/manga,” said a game expert. By recreating the colorful isekai world, and harmoniously combining attractive gameplay with top-notch graphics, Slime ISEKAI has created a fever in the domestic and foreign gaming community. This is truly a captivating product, worthy of an experience for both series fans and those who want to explore this mysterious isekai world.

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