Monster Hunter Stories Codes (New 2024)

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is a novel action role-playing game set in the Monster Hunter world. Players take on the role of a Rider – a warrior who communicates and befriends monsters instead of battling them. The story revolves around exploring the wilderness, solving mysteries, and facing lurking dangers.

The unique aspect is befriending and understanding different monsters. Training and developing bonds with them is key to progressing. The combat system is creative, with players controlling a party of monsters in turn-based battles. Each species has unique skills and moves, requiring strategic tactics.

The graphics are beautiful, with a distinctive artistic style, featuring a detailed, vibrant world. Characters and monsters are intricately designed and captivating. Monster Hunter Stories is an innovative title, blending action, adventure, and engaging combat. With an intriguing story, impressive visuals, and deep combat, the game promises a memorable experience for fans of the genre.

Code game Monster Hunter Stories


About game Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories takes the iconic monster-slaying franchise in an exciting new direction – you don’t hunt monsters, you raise them! Step into the shoes of a young Monster Rider, forming lifelong bonds with these fantastic beasts.

The original Monster Hunter Stories returns, now fully voiced in English and Japanese. Dive deeper into this rich world through a new museum mode where you can savor the artwork and music.
As the hero, you were born into a village of Riders who nurture monsters. But your adventure takes a dark turn when the Black Blight calamity threatens to upend the peaceful coexistence of Riders and Hunters. The key to saving the world lies in the Kinship Stone’s power and the ancient “Legend of Redan” revealing the Riders’ origins.

On this epic journey, you’ll discover the true meaning of Kinship as your bonds with monsters grow stronger. Strategic turn-based battles let you wield Powers, Speeds and Techniques to outmaneuver foes, while building your Kinship Gauge unlocks incredible skills.

Hatch eggs to recruit fan-favorite monsters like Zinogre, Nargacuga and Lagiacrus, then awaken their dormant powers through the Rite of Channeling. A tale of friendship and triumph awaits – ride on into the world of Monster Hunter Stories!

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