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Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings, Tencent`s cellular MOBA recreation, took off in 2015. The recreation blends Chinese records and mythology with tactical gameplay.

Players encompass characters like Sun Wukong or Guan Yu, every with precise memories and playstyles. This creates gameplay variety, inspires countrywide pride, and introduces Eastern way of life.

Honor of Kings codes game


About game Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings functions 5v5 fits on a three-lane map. The recreation is optimized for cellular with 15-20 minute fits, becoming busy lifestyles.

Beyond amusement, Honor of Kings builds an esports platform. The King Pro League event draws viewers, boosting Asia’s cellular gaming and esports industry.

Despite success, the sport faces dependancy controversies. The Chinese authorities intervened, restricting kid’s playtime. Tencent needed to improve, controlling playtime and protective younger users.

Honor of Kings updates content, launches heroes, balances meta, organizes events, and companions with brands.
Business-wise, the sport is a a success free-to-play model. Microtransactions for skins, heroes, and cosmetics generate big sales for Tencent.

Honor of Kings transcends traditional cellular games, turning into a cultural phenomenon and crucial amusement for many. Combining conventional way of life and technology, the sport guarantees to stay a main cellular title.

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