Deep Rock Galactic – Order of the Deep Pack Code (New 2024)

Deep Rock Galactic

Released by Ghost Ship Games, Deep Rock Galactic has become an engaging action-adventure game with a cooperative gameplay style combining humor and seriousness. Recently, they launched the “Order of the Deep Pack” expansion, bringing many exciting new contents.

The first notable point is the rich storytelling. Players will get to interact with new characters and explore the origins of the Hoxxes IV rig. Through new missions, they will delve deep to search for treasures, battle dangerous creatures, and protect mining operations. All of these demand seamless coordination among team members.

The expansion also introduces many new outfits and weapons with a distinctive style. From sturdy armor to powerful firearms, everything enhances diversity and allows customizing characters according to preferences.

The highlight is the introduction of the Cosmic Miner class with the ability to control natural forces like electricity, fire, and ice. This is an entirely new and engaging experience while maintaining Deep Rock Galactic’s cooperative spirit.

With an engaging story, challenging missions, new weapons and outfits, along with the Cosmic Miner class, the “Order of the Deep Pack” promises to deliver a memorable experience, making it a valuable addition to Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic – Order of the Deep Pack Code


About game Deep Rock Galactic – Order of the Deep Pack

When donning the armor of the Order of the Deep, one stands as a representative of this formidable guild, just as countless graybeards have done before. Let your pickaxe strike with the Order’s might, claiming the depths for Rock and Stone, echoing the age-old rallying cry.

This DLC package brings forth a collection of cosmetic enhancements, allowing you to adorn your dwarven warrior with the prestigious regalia of the Order of the Deep. Behold, the additions that await:

  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Armor Framework, a resplendent suit of armor tailored for each of the four iconic classes, bestowing upon them the noble visage of the Order.
  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Armor Paintjob, a richly hued finish that can be applied to any existing armor set, imbuing it with the distinctive colors of the Order.
  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Weapon Paintjob, a matching embellishment for your arsenal, ensuring your gear is unified under the Order’s emblem.
  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Pickaxe Paintjob, transforming your trusty mining tool into a symbol of the Order’s unwavering resolve.
  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Bosco Framework, a customized chassis for your loyal robotic companion, Bosco, allowing him to proudly bear the Order’s insignia, with or without his helmet adorned.
  • The ‘Order of the Deep’ Bosco Paintjob, a complementary finish for Bosco, ensuring he stands as a true comrade-in-arms alongside the Order’s warriors.

It is important to note that this DLC package is purely cosmetic in nature, bestowing no tangible advantages upon your gameplay experience. However, its true value lies in the opportunity to showcase your allegiance to the Order of the Deep, proudly bearing its iconic regalia as you delve into the depths, upholding the traditions of generations past.

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