Code game Astral Party (New 2024)

Astral Party code

From the developers of Sayonara Wild Hearts and Neo Cab, Annapurna Interactive comes the new game Astral Party. This is a role-playing fighting game, simulating the adventures of souls who do not go to heaven because of worldly pleasures.

Code game Astral Party


About game Astral Party

The unusual plot makes Astral Party stand out. You incarnate into a soul, with the task of seducing other souls to satisfy their desires with a seductive game. Win to continue enjoying yourself, lose to go to heaven.

The game world has strange colors. Bright light reflects on the sparkling building, creating a magical space. Each level is a separate city, reminiscent of familiar decades through images such as vinyl records, Ferris wheels or classic cars.

Quality electronic music, disco, synthwave from a team of top conductors. Vibrant music combined with graphics creates a feeling of excitement.

The gameplay combines rhythm games and logic puzzles. The player presses the key according to the rhythm of the notes appearing, the difficulty gradually increases through many overlapping notes, changing speed. Besides, there are logic puzzles to attract souls, avoiding boredom when repeating the level many times. Play well, encounter more difficult levels, fast rhythm and many traps.

Astral Party is suitable for video game music fans. Passionate music, brilliant graphics combine melody and intelligence, creating a new experience in a mysterious virtual world. Become the “seductress” that leads souls into a vortex of worldly pleasures!

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